Miguel Segura may have a fear of heights but he has no fear of public speaking!  As Regional Director for San Antonio/Laredo at Better Business Bureau, you can often find him doing media interviews or speaking engagements.  He received a BBA in Marketing from St. Mary’s University, and began his career activating grassroots marketing strategies as a Market Development Manager for Coca-Cola.  When he’s not at work, you can find Miguel running, practicing yoga, or getting lost in the hill country where he likes to hike and explore trails.

Q: Miguel, thanks for taking the time to be our Board Member of the Month. Everybody has heard of BBB, what are your responsibilities as Regional Director for San Antonio/Laredo?
A: As Regional Director for San Antonio/Laredo at the BBB, I am responsible for public relations, media relations and community outreach.

Q:  Obviously, BBB has a lot of history and equity as a stable, reliable brand.  But as time has changed and consumers have more power to voice their experiences with brands online, how has BBB evolved and stayed relevant?
A:  BBB works to stay current with marketplace demand and trends. Our services, over time, have grown and modified to meet these developments in the marketplace. For example, BBB recently introduced Customer Reviews. This new tool allows consumers to post positive, neutral or negative reviews about their experiences with businesses, brands and charities. Just like complaints, these reviews are vetted by BBB staff and sent to the business before they are published online. This ensures the reviews are from actual marketplace transactions with the business.  We have also recently launched our Scam Tracker tool. BBB launched this tool to help consumers who suspect they are being targeted by a scam to search by type of scam or geographic location. This interactive map of the U.S. identifies scams as they are reported in real time, will show the number of reported scams and where they are trending. This tool gives consumers quick and more accurate information, and helps BBB identify where the scams are heading.

Q:  Your Bio mentions that you are available for speaking engagements?  Most people are scared of public speaking and actually try to avoid it.  What kind of speaking engagements do you do and how do you prepare? 
A:  As the public relations and community outreach coordinator, a large part of my role at BBB is speaking to the public and to the media. Speaking engagements range from a college classroom to a chamber luncheon, and vary in topics based on the target audience. Having a passion for what you do definitely helps in these situations. I strongly believe in BBB’s values, and I look forward to inform and assist our community members who need it most.

Q:  How did you get involved with the San Antonio AAF chapter?
A:  Better Business Bureau was founded on the principles of advertising, which we still strongly uphold. BBB and AAF are partnering organizations, promoting ethical advertising and best business practices.

Q:  What do you hope to accomplish while serving on the board?
A:  I hope to assist by presenting innovative ideas–specifically in establishing strong connections with the educational institutions in our city–to increase AAF’s brand awareness and support for not only our members, but our future industry leaders as well.