Kristi PenaEveryone loves a great ad that involves humor, empathy and sex; a message that grabs the audience immediately taking them through a roller-coaster of result generating emotion. You may not put it all in one campaign, but you will take your audience on a journey. Make them cry, laugh and give them an unforgettable surge of emotion with a simple directive.

Make me laugh – animal madness, reckless people and silly pranks gain the attention of most audience goers. An animal jumps out of a box to the surprise of unsuspecting person and snatches a new treat which your pet needs today. A guy falls down from a roof landing on a plush mattress to the surprise of people in a neighboring window so now you feel the need to buy a new mattress. It’s unbelievably impressive and funny.

Identification and understanding – have an enormous impact on the mind and prompt people to dial a phone number, donate their last dollars and make significant life changes. We may sit in the doctor’s office reading an article on someone who suffered from chemical poisoning by consuming a common drink. From this you have diagnosed your condition and will pledge to change your diet. A high profile charity is running a campaign featuring impoverished children of various ages with a localized background. Each time you pass a familiar place you think of those children, the campaign and eventually prompted to give.

Hot and sultry – the most simplistic message evoking multi-level thoughts of reckless escapades, lavish and fun trips to other cities. But my favorite and most though provoking is the campaign that says nothing at all, the ad that provokes positive feelings and leaves you wanting more. A fifteen second spot with an attractive woman and a website or a thirty second spot featuring seaside chairs with an attractive man strolling by followed by a random message, each tempting us to learn more about the product and you are now hooked.

No matter where your message begins and ends it has to be simple, to the point and told with interest. People of all ages remember the campaigns that tap into multiple senses. This is what gets you and the audience off their seats to search for the instant gratification of most any product.