Dear Fellow AAF members:

Professor “Red” here…

I am extending an exclusive invitation to my fellow AAF SA members, especially our esteemed agency leaders, design professionals & paper/printing industry experts, to solicit volunteers to collaborate with me, and the UTSA College of Architecture, Planning and Construction (CACP). I seek to collaborate with you in developing, designing and producing two unique editorial artifacts, i.e. publications for CACP’s 15th year anniversary happening in 2017.

Being a public, state, nonprofit institution however, the CACP are in need of the communitiy’s help, via donation of your printing services and/or assistance in the cost of paper, for these potentially award-winning architecture-centered UTSA deliverables. Currently, they been given zero budget for such necessary and valuable communications this academic year, not even when a milestone such as this occurs. Our goal is to produce these first-ever “annual reports/direct mail publications,” setting the design bar high, and yielding a lucrative alumni-audience response. Therefore, arguing for an annual budget inclusion to be added next year, and every year after, as the Dean of CACP wants this to be done annually moving forward…but this is the innagural “test” run.

I’m spearheading much of the research and design work myself in an independent study with my best one or two Communication undergraduates & graduates, but would welcome local design leaders & art directors to offer collaboration and contributions on this valuable project.

If interested in co-authoring or contributing in any way to this pro bono collaboration on the behalf of higher education, UTSA & CACP’s 15th Anniversary pieces this Summer & Fall (with deliverables due to press March 1), please message or contact me by Aug. 1.

Red Madden
Lecturer III & COM Internship Coordinator
NSAC/AAF College Chaper Advisor
Dept. Webmasrer & SM Manager